This is how you travel with sadness.

I would love to tell you about that pain. But I won’t. Because how do I describe pain that makes one feel like their whole being is in a torture chamber? But not exactly? Like the soul aches so much that one wishes that they would have a physical injury to reduce it. How doContinue reading “This is how you travel with sadness.”

God of the hills and valleys

The last few months have been hard on me. Very hard. One of those moments when you go from bad and just when you think its getting better, it gets worse, then you think that surely,  can it get any worse than this? Then the worst happens. It was the longest I’ve ever stayed underwater.Continue reading “God of the hills and valleys”

One day I will write about this place..

One day I will write about this place.  I will try as much as possible to describe its indescribable nature.  The way it comforts one while beating them up. I heard rats do that. They bite you and then blow some air there so as to sooth you lest you feel pain and swat themContinue reading “One day I will write about this place..”

In the middle of a storm

I met some lady from church the day before yesterday who thought that I’ve not been writing much of late. And in truth I miss writing. Like writing what’s in my mind. But I rarely write when I’m in a bad phase. Because then, what’s in my mind? Do I tell you about the discouragingContinue reading “In the middle of a storm”

I just want to sleep.  

People struggle with many things.  Others encounter very difficult challenges on the way.  Like I attended a burial yesterday. And the loss was immense.  You could feel it.   But one thing I learnt never to ask,  is ‘why me? ‘. Because the question implies that you would have wanted someone else to carry thatContinue reading “I just want to sleep.  “

Desert Diaries

When I started going through a hard time recently..i was confused. Every single day I kept on encountering a challenge after another. Minor ones, big ones, easy ones and difficult ones. Its not like my life has been a smooth ride all along, its just that I have never encountered difficulties in such close proximityContinue reading “Desert Diaries”