One day I will write about this place..

One day I will write about this place.  I will try as much as possible to describe its indescribable nature.  The way it comforts one while beating them up. I heard rats do that. They bite you and then blow some air there so as to sooth you lest you feel pain and swat themContinue reading “One day I will write about this place..”

This Competitive Streak…

My mathematics teacher once told my mum, ” if people are overcrowded in a matatu stage, and a bus comes, Mercy will not fight for it with the rest. She will stand and let them compete for the few spaces.” My mother was very concerned by that statement, she kept on prodding me about it.Continue reading “This Competitive Streak…”

Consequences of sin

To get this, you should read Celestine and Othering which I used as introductions. “Your parents are the ones on the wrong. They didn’t forgive themselves for having you. And so they passed on that to you.” He said. “Let me interrupt you,” another member chipped in, this time a lady, ” the baby isContinue reading “Consequences of sin”


Sometimes you read things that make you question life. For example, about Yida camp in South Sudan. Or saladef from Mt.Elgon . Or of raped two year olds. Of the matatu crews assaulting women. Other times you hear things. Like the campus girl who is pregnant but has no idea who is the father amongContinue reading “THESE TIMES”