Decomposed pain.

I would tell you to think about it then. To allow the pain to sear through you. To sit through the whole process though its as uncomfortable as hell. To waddle through the moment awkwardly. But please, just go through it. Just allow the moment to transform you. To hurt you. For you can getContinue reading “Decomposed pain.”

This is how you travel with sadness.

I would love to tell you about that pain. But I won’t. Because how do I describe pain that makes one feel like their whole being is in a torture chamber? But not exactly? Like the soul aches so much that one wishes that they would have a physical injury to reduce it. How doContinue reading “This is how you travel with sadness.”

Talking..of nothing really. 

Sometimes differentiating what is real and what’s in the mind is really difficult. Second guessing they call it. Wondering, ” is it in my mind or is this real?”. Am I justified to come to this conclusion or am I jumping ahead of the gun?  And other times, knowing the answer is actually worse. NotContinue reading “Talking..of nothing really. “