From a Sunday to a Monday girl.

Happiness found in laughters that seem to come from an endless spring inside of me. Sadness that is made worse by the breakup of one of my favorite authors in my country. And pictures to forever remind me that life is kind sometimes. Which one goes first? Sundays. Sundays were always intense days for myContinue reading “From a Sunday to a Monday girl.”

Ask for help

The first time my friend broached the topic of therapy, I thought it too far fetched. In my head, only people who have gone through very traumatic events go for therapy. And I wasn’t one of them.  The second time she did, I kinda thought about it for a while. Not because therapy had stoppedContinue reading “Ask for help”

New beginnings. 

For the last few weeks my life has been like an African market. Where thousands of tiny little things happen while on the surface it looks cool calm and collected.  On one side everything I had going on right ,crumbled. This has taken months. But I won’t start on the pain, hurt, disappointment and frustrationContinue reading “New beginnings. “