Make sure we get there.

This is to the ones we meet huko in box when I post those posts of how badly i’m doing. Not the encouragements; those ones really help and some people even reach out to help( God bless your souls). No.

This one is for those who relate. Those who have been beaten down by life or are being flogged by it right now. But sincerely speaking, this one is majorly for me. I need to hear this.

The goodness of being at the bottom of the pit, is that it can’t get worse. Like yes, the pit can start smelling or be filled with water or snakes invade your already horrible space, but from here, if we make it out of here, things can only get better. The only way out of here is up.

And that really encourages me nowadays. Previously, the fact that i’m here used to depress me. It still does. Clearly. But I find myself taking the pain more gracefully when I remember that the only way out of pain, is being painless. The way out of joblessness is by getting a job. The way out of being sad, is being happy.

So as much as the sky looks really grey and dark right now, the only way out is through sunshine. And its coming. May not be today or tomorrow or next week or next month.

But it could be today, tomorrow, next week or next month. I don’t know. So I won’t give up now. Not knowing is really hard. But I imagine that if my breakthrough didn’t come today, who knows? It could come tomorrow.

A familiar stranger on social media toasted us to the future. And I said to that person, ” if we make it to that future “.

That’s when I realised, that I don’t owe it to myself to make my future, but I owe it to myself to get there. To the future.

We might get there broken, battered, beaten down, bruised, scarred, scared, afraid, spent, worn out, weary, bewildered, surprised, bleeding, limping, patched up, torn out, in pieces, but we will get there.

Either way, we will get there. Even if it means crawling our way to there, jogging, hoping and skipping, being dragged , being carried, fighting our way up to the last step..either way, we will get there. One way or the other, doesn’t matter how.

Today is hard, but we do what we gotta do. My best part in Sarafina was when she gave a speech right before they sang the last song. Specifically her last line in that speech, ” ..i’m coming home. Home where I belong”. She said it with so much oomph, promise and hope. It just was.

Same thing today. I may not be home. My soul may be tortured. Whatever is driving you insane could still be pricking you right now. But peace is on the horizon. Every single day lived is a day closer to home. Whatever home means to every one of us.

This is a toast to the future. We just have to make sure we get there.



  1. lameckwriter says:

    I just fell in love….. with the write up….I have scars(nonphysical scars) but I will still have to get there,the future.

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    1. mwende says:

      You’ll get there Lameck. We will get there. One way or another. Just hold on one day after another. In case you need to talk- my lines are open(


  2. Siphosetu says:

    You mentioned Sarafina and that brought back memories of how in our childhood we would gather around to watch the film every year on June 16th. It was a great way of teaching us where we come from and why things are the way they are today in our country.

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    1. mwende says:

      Aaaaw..I can only imagine how much significance it has to you as a country. And I’m glad you had something to hold on to .

      For us it wasn’t about the history( we couldn’t relate on that front)..different homes in Kenya had different reasons for watching Sarafina..but one that we almost all share here was the music! My God the music and dancing in Sarafina! We watched that film over 50 years just to see them sing and dance… To the extent that I’m sure I’m not the only Kenyan that assumes south Africans dance at everything (hehe šŸ™‚

      But I think Sarafina will forever remind each one of us who watched it, of something about ourselves. Its like a compass to our hearts.


      1. mwende says:

        *over 50times


  3. mwende says:

    *over 50 times..not 50years


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