A little more often.

I’m stuck between choosing who of the two was my favorite. Was it Muthoni Garland or that other guy who performed after her? Whose name I didn’t manage to catch? Muthoni told her story really well. Like really awesomely. You could tell she wasn’t doing this for a living but rather to bring herself alive.Continue reading “A little more often.”

The sound of my voice.

Unbridled. That’s the best description to give to the child in me, that is trying to come back. This is one of those situations in which common cliches like; we are our own worst( or is it best) enemies, kinda ring true. I say kinda because when an 18 year old willingly has an affairContinue reading “The sound of my voice.”

It does get better.

Does it get better? I always wondered. This reminds me of that phrase, ‘ its better to laugh on a bicycle than to cry in a range Rover’. And how our generation disputed that. They would rather cry in a range rover. That as much as money isn’t the source of happiness, everyone wants toContinue reading “It does get better.”

Something new, something beautiful.

There are days that I want to forget with every cell in me. Then there are others that I want to put on billboards. Not for anyone’s sake. For mine. For my remembrance. That once in my life, a day like this existed. Today is one of those days. Maybe I should christen them asContinue reading “Something new, something beautiful.”