From a Sunday to a Monday girl.

Happiness found in laughters that seem to come from an endless spring inside of me. Sadness that is made worse by the breakup of one of my favorite authors in my country. And pictures to forever remind me that life is kind sometimes. Which one goes first? Sundays. Sundays were always intense days for myContinue reading “From a Sunday to a Monday girl.”

So Help me God. 

We like talking about our successes more than the challenges and difficulties we experience. God knows I love my high points in life. My lows are usually also really bad.  But today I’ll talk about something I’ve struggled with. A blog. And not this one. Courtesy of being here, you know I love writing. ItsContinue reading “So Help me God. “

This period. 

I went for an impromptu interview yesterday. Impromptu because I didn’t even know that the job existed and neither was it in my field of expertise.  I stumbled through the answers. Whatever I had prepared for in that last one hour wasn’t asked. I was asked about myself. And I stammered. This selling myself toContinue reading “This period. “