Lake Elementaita- a breath of fresh air.

The first time I decided to visit this lake, my mind had a lot in it, I wanted a relaxing place that would help me relax. I love water. I find looking outside and seeing a large expanse of water soothing to the heart. But I also needed calm, I didn’t want boat rides or a place with many people or activities going on. 

That is how I ended up choosing Lake Elementaita. It’s just 3 hours from Nairobi and it promises tranquility. I would say it more than delivered. I was sleeping at Servile Lodge Elementaita, that first time, and it was the most refreshing weekend I spent. 

This second time, when my travelling partner asked where we should go, somewhere calm, somewhere cool, somewhere with water that’s not coast, I remembered my relaxing trip to Elementaita last year, and recommended this unassuming lake once again. 

But this time round, we choose a different hotel. The popular ones such as Servile and Pelican Lodge were full, given that’s it’s a weekend in December. But my heart was made up, I wanted to see this lake once again. And it’s through that sheer resilience that I found Sunbird lodge Elementaita. It is a bit pricier than the rest, but it promised views to die for. 

And it didn’t disappoint. Sunbird Lodge is made on top of a cliff, overlooking the lake. What I loved most was that even the rooms have a lake view..and glass doors to allow you to look at the lake even while inside the room. Plus, the birds. It definitely lives up to its name. It’s dining area  for the day meals is outside and beside it they have this feeding and watering points for the birds. It’s a haven for the bird lovers. 

Ooh..and their food! How could I have forgotten this one. Their food was amazing. I don’t like starters and only take them as a formality, but by jove their souls were so fine that we asked for a recipe. Though whoever was serving us thought that we were joking. Whatever their chef is doing, he or she is doing it well. Their food was absolutely delicious. And so good that I probably never managed to take pictures of any. 

We had gone for weekend but really felt like extending our stay. This is the sort of place that calms your insides. It has done it for me twice. You go there with a lot in your mind, you are assured that this flamingo filled lake will be your therapist. 

I would say that the difference between staying on a cliff overlooking the lake and a hotel at the lake’s level is this- the cliff has a view to die for,while the lake level hotel allows one to take a walk and has a better view of the flamingos. For a family looking for a fun trip, do try and stay at the lake base level hotels. The kids get more to do- run around the lake. For a romantic getaway or a work related thing or just to relax and unwind, the cliff might work better. 

All the same, this lake is a breath of fresh air. Kenya is indeed beautiful. 


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