Road trip to Lake Magadi

There are a few places in Kenya that have remained in my bucket list for years. And among them has been Lake Magadi. From the tales and pictures of those who’ve gone before me, I always never get a feel of how the place is. It’s like the sort of place only a person can discover for themselves. 

But I visited it months ago. And a part of me was worried that I wouldn’t be able to write it well for those who would like to travel via my words. 

But, no matter how many words I use, or how clear I paint the picture for you, this is the kind of lake that requires you to make a date for yourself. So I’ll share with you pictures of the journey and place, and hope that they’ll entice you enough to want to go there. 

There are a few things to mention though. That place is the devil’s kitchen. It is hot. We went to visit when Nairobi and most parts of Kenya were freezing. So we didn’t get to take clear pictures for most part of the journey since it was freezing and foggy. But once we got to Lake Magadi, the temperatures shot to over 30 degrees celsius. And yet that was the coldest it ever is there, as we were told. 

We left when Nairobi was literally freezing
The further away we got from the City, the clearer it became
The road is certainly not as good, but luckily there aren’t that many vehicles along the way
Plus the views on the way make up for it

Upon getting there we found some local Maasai. They flag you down as you approach the lake and if you wish you choose one and they take you around. You could also choose not to take the services of any. We wanted local tales of the place so we took one. There is nothing better than being in a beautiful place and being told about it by someone who has lived there. And of course, they help in taking pictures. 

Since we went during the height of COVID 19 pandemic, the Magadi Hotel, that usually has a swimming pool and restaurant was closed till further notice..but next time I can’t wait to take a dip. 

The beauty itself

Reading reviews of Lake Magadi  had left me with the impression that there is a place or hot springs in the lake that people swim in. I had actually carried my swimming costume. But when our guide took us to the place, we decided against it. The water is full of algae which make the rocks beneath it extremely slippery, which made me doubt how much I would enjoy swimming in a place I can’t stand. But I’ve seen videos of some who swam and they seemed to enjoy it. 

My highlight of this trip has to be the landscape. The grass on those sides has a weird different hue. It starts a few miles from the lake. It’s just so beautiful. Especially when contrasted with the hills and the lake. 

And as we were goofing around, the train came. That gave me goosebumps. It gave the place a really awesome vibe. On one side you have these hills and infront of them is this shimmering lake and then between them snakes this old train. It was breathtaking. And my picture of that moment remains among my favorites from this trip. 

But we had to go back at the end of the day. With a promise to come back again.

Lake Magadi is that lovely person you are told about. And when you meet them, you understand what the hype was all about. 


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