My experience at Central Island, Lake Turkana( part 2)

One of the things that the planners of this Turkana Odyssey had insisted on before we embarked on the trip was a mosquito repellent. He had literally said that you can forget everything else, but not the mosquito repellent,to be used especially at Central Island whose mosquitoes are known for their sting.  This would beContinue reading “My experience at Central Island, Lake Turkana( part 2)”

My experience at Central Island, Lake Turkana (part 1)

Lake Turkana has been the most consistent place in my bucket list. Each year as I wrote my new year resolutions, it was always there. So when I saw that Safiri Nasi together with Xtyrm Adventures had a planned trip there, I started salivating. It’s the once in a lifetime kind of opportunity that IContinue reading “My experience at Central Island, Lake Turkana (part 1)”

A pictorial journey through West Pokot

Of all counties that I knew the least about, West Pokot would feature up there. The only thing I had heard of until then, was that my friend who lives there drives a lot of hours to get home. And even then, he has to leave his car some kilometers away and walk the restContinue reading “A pictorial journey through West Pokot”

A visit to Kapenguria Museum

I’ve always been a proponent of all counties in Kenya having their own museum. This will allow the different parts of the country to tell their own stories about their culture, history and past. These are places that the local people , students and even visitors can come to learn about that specific area.  AndContinue reading “A visit to Kapenguria Museum”

Lake Elementaita- a breath of fresh air.

The first time I decided to visit this lake, my mind had a lot in it, I wanted a relaxing place that would help me relax. I love water. I find looking outside and seeing a large expanse of water soothing to the heart. But I also needed calm, I didn’t want boat rides orContinue reading “Lake Elementaita- a breath of fresh air.”