I Do Not Come To You By Chance- Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

When I read the synopsis of this book before I purchased it- I couldn’t understand what its about very clearly. So I ignored it at first. But that title kept on nagging me..so I gave in and got it. Best decision ever!
I have laughed, highlighted hilarious parts just to find more hilarious pages further on..it has embarrassed me in public, but I didn’t care and continued laughing out loud alone. This book should have come with a notice * Do not read in public*. It is seriously, hilariously funny! 
So what is it about? 
Have you ever gotten those messages from Tanzanian people claiming their cargo is in the port and they send you a code to sijui go pick it up for them then you’ll share the profits or something of the sort? Those texts that you are sure are from some characters in Kamiti Maximum Prison? 
Well..that’s what this book is based on. But now the Nigeria version of our Kamiti Prisoners’ side hustle. Them they don’t swindle Africans, they swindle white people( or mugu as they call them) using scam emails. 
As you’ve already guessed, I’m definitely recommending this medicine of laughter. Especially when you are tired, or you just want something to take off your mind of the everyday hustle and bustle or you are on a holiday.
Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani is definitely a writer to watch out for!


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