The Dragonfly Sea – Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor.

This book. I read it wondering how can author be so damn detailed and thorough. But now, mourning my finishing it, I realise it is not the details of the smells, places and people that caught my attention, it is how she has managed to describe my soul’s journey. Even though I was reading someoneContinue reading “The Dragonfly Sea – Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor.”

I Do Not Come To You By Chance- Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

When I read the synopsis of this book before I purchased it- I couldn’t understand what its about very clearly. So I ignored it at first. But that title kept on nagging I gave in and got it. Best decision ever! I have laughed, highlighted hilarious parts just to find more hilarious pages furtherContinue reading “I Do Not Come To You By Chance- Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani”

The Defining Decade- MEG JAY

Someone in the group where I got this book asked, what’s the fuss about it? And no one has answered up to now. Its hard describing this book. It talks of so much in such a clear way giving real life examples. There is no single twenty year who can read this book and notContinue reading “The Defining Decade- MEG JAY”


Its hard to describe this book. But if I get the kind of audience it targets, its way easy. Well, technically speaking it targets everyone.  We all need to heal. All of us. None of us was raised in a perfect home, and if you were raised in a good home then certainly you gotContinue reading “YESTERDAY I CRIED- IYANLA VANZANT “


Wow! I have totally enjoyed reading this book.  You see, the previous books based on Saudi Arabia by women or about women, that i have read, are usually really sad and makes one aghast with the oppression of women there. Most are even written by women in exile from Saudi Arabia who are even wantedContinue reading “GIRLS OF RIYADH – RAJAA ALSENEA”


Two things made me want this book- the word Kabul and women.  Khaled Hosseini already opened my mind to Afghanistan and he made me want to read more about the lives of the people there amidst  all those chaos.  And this one is a page turner. Its been long since I read a sentimental bookContinue reading “THE LITTLE COFFEE HOUSE OF KABUL- DEBORAH RODRIGUEZ”

One day I will write about this place- Binyavang’a Wainaina 

I have always wanted to read this book. Not that I heard much about it, rather I heard much about its author. I don’t remember when exactly I encountered the name Binyavang’a, but I recall just always hearing about him. Its like after Ngugi in Kenya came Binyavang’a. That’s why I wanted to read hisContinue reading “One day I will write about this place- Binyavang’a Wainaina “