The last Black Unicorn- Tiffany Haddish

Rating =9/10
I looked for this book due to its popularity. And everyone who talked about it made it seem like a ‘must read’. 
One thing that made me love it and could be the reason for this book being an instant hit is the Vulnerability and Honesty. Tiffany has laid bare her soul in this book. You would think that because she is a celebrity she would shy away from saying the bad things she went through- but that’s the whole point- she instead even states what she is currently struggling with. 
And its a really current book. Which is a plus for you if you read it soon- juu you are not reading about a person who was there ten years ago, but a person telling you about July 2017 and what state of mind they were in 6 months ago. 
I would certainly recommend it to everyone- more so to those of us whose lives seem to go in circles and curved lines instead of a straight line- its quite an encouragement. 
Its not a 10/10 in rating for me due to the language- it lost me quite a bit while starting to read it.

This has been my first book of 2018 and I couldn’t have asked for a better read. 



  1. Iv’e been wondering about this book! Where in KE did you find it? Its great to see a review from someone who isn’t in the states.. or paid to do a review. I love her interviews, she is really vulnerable, but i was iffy about the quality of read because it feels like everyone and their cat is publishing a book.

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    1. mwende says:

      I read the soft copy version..but I think prestige bookshop should be stocking it.
      Hehe..I know, its like every celebrity and their extended families are penning down books.
      But I would vouch for this work. I enjoyed reading it plus it pushed me a bit in this journey of life when strength to face one more day isn’t there.

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      1. I know exactly what you mean by lacking strength to face one more day. *hugs*

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