Re- creating oneself.

I’m either blessed with the best Facebook timeline or the universe just aligns me to my next steps in the most obvious of ways. Going through my timeline at some seasons in my life, one would be tempted to think that the 30 or so strangers that appear frequently, know each other. For example duringContinue reading “Re- creating oneself.”

A Sunday in Malawi.

I am beginning to love Sundays. Or maybe Sundays are beginning to court me. They are quiet, with birds chirping, and my heart beating slowly. I want to have a Sunday like this in Malawi. In a quiet place somewhere. Most probably in a village. Writing for environmenToday. On that day, I hope i’ll haveContinue reading “A Sunday in Malawi.”

Own your normal. 

Yesterday morning I had one of those awakening straight up talks from one of our loyal customers. You see, instead of staying idle while looking for a job, I decided to help out my parents in their business. And with time I’ve become quite good at it. To the extent that even our customers areContinue reading “Own your normal. “