Lamu, most pristine place in Kenya?

This is the most pristine place I’ve ever been. I can confidently say its not overrated. If you love yourself you should visit Lamu at least once in your lifetime. At least once. Unlike Mombasa or Malindi, its very homely. Everyone greets you on the streets, especially in Lamu town. Before I came here, termsContinue reading “Lamu, most pristine place in Kenya?”

Nairobi to Lamu by Rail and Road.

Travelling to any part of your country shouldn’t be an extreme sport. That’s what I was thinking as that guy described his trip to Lamu. But knowing how my soul is attracted to extreme sports, i knew that a flight was out of question now, I would go to Lamu and ensure I got theContinue reading “Nairobi to Lamu by Rail and Road.”