Travelling alone? 

I’ve already booked my ticket. Like 5minutes ago. Now this trip feels real. Like its on man! I feel excited, not like yesterday’s excitement though. Today’s excitement is calm. Very calm. Its almost mother like. Reminding me the things I’m supposed to do and park and prepare.  Today will be spent doing last minute preparations.Continue reading “Travelling alone? “

Tsavo West National Park

I’ve been to Tsavo West park over 20 times.  But yesterday  was the best of all those times.  First it was the first time I was going there  as an adult. And second it was impromptu.  There is something  about adventures  that you had not planned  for that makes them more thrilling.  Like everything  justContinue reading “Tsavo West National Park”

Zip lining at Kereita Forest

After a lazy week of doing a lot of nothing, it only seemed appropriate to drag my body to some place for the weekend. Also, that decision was reached after realizing that if I waited for too long, my money would most probably end without me having traveled somewhere. So I scouted for the eventsContinue reading “Zip lining at Kereita Forest”

How I fell in love with hiking

Dreams,goals and hopes. That was how my third year started. On a very high note. I wanted to open my NGO in the near future. I planned on traveling more. I wanted to be financially independent. We had plans with my then boyfriend. And all those things required some amount of money. My pocket moneyContinue reading “How I fell in love with hiking”