Nairobi to Diani via Bus

I wanted tranquillity. Peace. And serenity. And what better place to get that than Diani in Kenya? I settled on that specifically, because its way out of Mombasa, meaning population of people is drastically reduced. And also for the fact that its January. Literally every touristic place experiences low seasons in January. Best time toContinue reading “Nairobi to Diani via Bus”

A coffee place in Rwanda.

The simplicity of moments. There was this coffee place I found in Rwanda. It had shiny metallic seats that were quite comfortable. But it wasn’t the quiet simple ambience that took me in. It was their sandwich. I don’t consider myself a foodie, but I can say for sure their fries, sandwich and coffee wasContinue reading “A coffee place in Rwanda.”

Lamu, most pristine place in Kenya?

This is the most pristine place I’ve ever been. I can confidently say its not overrated. If you love yourself you should visit Lamu at least once in your lifetime. At least once. Unlike Mombasa or Malindi, its very homely. Everyone greets you on the streets, especially in Lamu town. Before I came here, termsContinue reading “Lamu, most pristine place in Kenya?”

Nairobi to Lamu by Rail and Road.

Travelling to any part of your country shouldn’t be an extreme sport. That’s what I was thinking as that guy described his trip to Lamu. But knowing how my soul is attracted to extreme sports, i knew that a flight was out of question now, I would go to Lamu and ensure I got theContinue reading “Nairobi to Lamu by Rail and Road.”

Nairobi National Park

I’m sure you’ve heard the most interesting thing about this park.. Its the only park in the world within a city. Like all around it ,its surrounded by infrastructure of one type or another. Which is a plus for a city because rarely, or rather it has never been done before in the world thatContinue reading “Nairobi National Park”