Own your normal. 

Yesterday morning I had one of those awakening straight up talks from one of our loyal customers. You see, instead of staying idle while looking for a job, I decided to help out my parents in their business. And with time I’ve become quite good at it. To the extent that even our customers areContinue reading “Own your normal. “

This Competitive Streak…

My mathematics teacher once told my mum, ” if people are overcrowded in a matatu stage, and a bus comes, Mercy will not fight for it with the rest. She will stand and let them compete for the few spaces.” My mother was very concerned by that statement, she kept on prodding me about it.Continue reading “This Competitive Streak…”

Consequences of sin

To get this, you should read Celestine and Othering which I used as introductions. “Your parents are the ones on the wrong. They didn’t forgive themselves for having you. And so they passed on that to you.” He said. “Let me interrupt you,” another member chipped in, this time a lady, ” the baby isContinue reading “Consequences of sin”