I was prepared for anything. I thought I could face everything that came my way. I expected frustrations. Struggle. Tarmacking. Tiredness. And all things that require one to be strong to handle them. I was armoured. More than the roman soldiers during war. But with all that preparedness, there is one thing that has caughtContinue reading “Waiting. “

So Help me God. 

We like talking about our successes more than the challenges and difficulties we experience. God knows I love my high points in life. My lows are usually also really bad.  But today I’ll talk about something I’ve struggled with. A blog. And not this one. Courtesy of being here, you know I love writing. ItsContinue reading “So Help me God. “

This period. 

I went for an impromptu interview yesterday. Impromptu because I didn’t even know that the job existed and neither was it in my field of expertise.  I stumbled through the answers. Whatever I had prepared for in that last one hour wasn’t asked. I was asked about myself. And I stammered. This selling myself toContinue reading “This period. “