7 days, 7 photos challenge day 6

I was challenged by  siphosetu– Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanations. Challenge someone new each day.

Please know that if I challenge you it is simply my way of saying that you have a lovely site and I hope that people will visit you. Today I nominate  primeHave fun! 😊


7 days, 7 photos challenge- day 5

I was challenged by  siphosetu– Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanations. Challenge someone new each day.

Please know that if I challenge you it is simply my way of saying that you have a lovely site and I hope that people will visit you. Today I nominate lennox . Have fun! 😊

3 interesting things I noticed at home

Ever had a moment when you notice many irrelevant things or experience small but many tuweird stuff but they keep on rewinding themselves in your head instead of disappearing just as they came?

Well, of late I’ve had several of those. Plus I’ve never used numbers as my title( like 10 things successful people do or 3 things to do to be happy everyday). I hate such numbers because I think they conclude a matter that can’t be concluded. But if statistics are to go by, people like reading such kind of articles compared to titles that are general. 
So here we go, several things you notice when getting by in life. 

1. New neighbours who don’t speak kiswahili or English. 

So I found this Somali families( I think 2 or 3 families) that moved in next to our shop who don’t speak either kiswahili or English. When they come to buy stuff, they only pronounce what they want, let’s say Royco, from there you can’t communicate the quantity or variety. When it gets bad, they use sign language which neither of us gets. But you know what, after 5 minutes of not understanding each other, they still come back the next day. 

Yesterday they sent their small girl to buy an egg. She only knew how to say “Mayai”. And after struggling a bit wondering whether she wanted one or many, I gave her one. And as she was leaving, what she did made me wonder whether she knew what she was carrying. 

That small girl started throwing the egg up and down in circles in pure oblivion. She looked excited about other things. The egg was just a thing she had to carry. So here I am trying to tell her to be careful lest she breaks it, while there she is twirling it in the air wondering what on earth this strange lady is saying. Her actions were so pure and innocent that she left me laughing wondering if that egg will arrive safely and if it does, has that small girl ever seen an egg really?

Imagine the guts it takes to move to a place no one gets what you are saying? What drove them out of home? And can i do that? Get onto a lorry then a train then a bus into Mozambique? With no Portuguese word on my tongue? Except Vasco da gama( I suspect the character was Portuguese). Well, should I tire of life, before I die, I would love to do that. It sounds frustratingly thrilling. 

2. Donkeys are either stupid or deaf and tired drivers don’t know where the break is. 

So we got late somewhere. And we were extremely tired. And we were in a lorry. And we were driving excessively fast for a vehicle that size. All that on an extremely rough road. And with every passing second we were getting more tired after a really long day. And to finally top it off, its at night. 

So on the way we meet this bunch of donkeys carrying two young lads and many 20 litres Jerry cans of water. That’s how you know you are in ukambani by the way. From a distance away we start honking at them. And guess what? The donkeys continue walking on the road. Like they can’t hear that excessive noise. Their owners beat them to move them out of the way. 

Well, they do move. And we sigh. And just as we get close to them, they decide otherwise. Like maybe the young lads were joking and they should move back into the road. So they follow their own advice. And next thing you know, we are in some thickets somewhere running away from some donkeys. We make it out alive. All of us, donkeys plus young lads plus us. Us in a thicket, them on the ground. But images of those donkeys have been haunting my head. I mean, are donkeys stupid or is it that they are deaf or don’t tired drivers know where the break is?

3. Kitui people are not as poor as I thought

So we travel to some parts of kitui county. Just so you know, in ukambani that period of after August to the next rains is usually the hottest and ‘poorest’. People have usually depleted their food reserves, and in most cases they harvest nothing of the rains of May hapo. And the sun has scorched up every green thing in sight and dried up every grass or tree so no leaves or fodder for cows and goats. 

And so shock on me upon getting into the lower kitui towns and people have money to purchase basic stuff. While in Makueni County, the villages I go to, shops open in the evening only, like no one will come buy stuff the whole day. That shows you the state of people’s pockets. 

I know believing stereotypes is bad, but I can’t wait to go to the upper parts of Kitui county and see people’s financial state. Is it as bad as people say it is, because if their lower region is the average then those people are not badly off. 


Today I’ve had one of those introspective days. I would almost say melancholic but my thoughtfulness has not come with sadness. Everything just seemed blurry and unmeaningful but meaningful at the same time. Its not a day I’ll remember, but its a day well lived. 

I’ve listened to a woman today. A woman I would like to be one day. I loved how calm and composed she was. And how she delivered the word to us. I’ve been having one of those times, when you have a thousand little things that you just don’t know how they’ll turn out. And they’ve made my mind a chaotic place. Not like a bus station. Like our little town at night. All seems quiet and contained, but inside those houses, battles are being fought, women are being beaten, power is shared, children are sleeping hungry, soaps are misleading people, football is the cause of friction, babies are being made, people are praying and on it goes. But from the silence, you would imagine that the town is asleep. 

And in the middle of all that, that woman caught my attention. She stilled the a thousand little things in my mind for  over 40 minutes. Only halfway through did my it hit me, that unlike during the first half of the service when my mind was everywhere, it was quiet in there. We were listening. Me and all my little a thousand worries. Just like that, she made me listen. She didn’t walk at all from where she stood at first. She didn’t use her hands to express herself as she spoke. She just spoke. Calmly. Not softly. Not too loud though. Just the way a confident person who has nothing to prove would. And on and on she went on. She used movies to preach, not christian movies. Just movies. And books. Not romance or fiction, I’m almost saying real books. 

Had I been younger, I would have fawned over her. But adulting happened. And now I just stare at good things from afar. 

I don’t usually watch the trend. I think I have seen less than 10 episodes. But accidentally I’ve watched or rather listened to it today. And Larry is leaving. And he didn’t cry. He read a heartfelt farewell speech. He came, he saw, he conquered. And now its time to leave. 

” And for the last time, I’m Larry Madowo….” That was the last line he said. And I don’t know why that moment has stuck with me. Weirdly enough, all I could think of, was a farewell to my life. Not in a gothic way, we will all leave people and things. But has it occurred to you, that rarely do people do farewells? Like you just finish school and off you go. You get a better job and off you are. For the lucky ones, a farewell party is thrown. You get into a relationship, as it ends, you just quarrel and leave. Or go silent and leave. Parents die without warning. Things just happen and life moves on. 

No farewell. God knows I love farewells. Not the actual ceremony or wording, i mean, I always lack words when I’m leaving. But the actual closing of a chapter. The shutting down of that door in your head. I prefer knowing that on this month or week, this ended, it allows for closure. I remember looking at my ex one day, and I knew right then that we would break up. We did break up after a month or two after that day,but that day is the farewell day for me. 

On the other side, farewells only work, after a job well done. Not when you are fired, or he cheated, or you are just not friends anymore, etc. So is the absence of farewells a sign that most transitory situations for most people are usually on a low note or from pain and sadness rather than on a high note or a job well done like Larry Madowo? But anyway, the likes of him are rare, we mostly prefer comfort zones than moving when we are still doing well. I don’t even know where I am going with this. 

I feel like taking a break from my life. I know you all feel that way at some point. So its nothing new. Is there anything new on earth anyway? Except that its my time to feel that common feeling. And that makes it unique. Well, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. But I’m tired. Of even reading books. I’ve been debating on watching a movie or reading a book. A normal me wouldn’t be having such kind of a debate. I might end up doing none. 

Anyway, I’ve thought of a more interesting thing to do. I’ll look for pictures of a place I really want to go. If all goes well, I’ll be telling you all about it in less than 3weeks time.