Re- creating oneself.

I’m either blessed with the best Facebook timeline or the universe just aligns me to my next steps in the most obvious of ways. Going through my timeline at some seasons in my life, one would be tempted to think that the 30 or so strangers that appear frequently, know each other. For example duringContinue reading “Re- creating oneself.”

..and watch the me that I create.

I was asked why I don’t hope in something some days ago. And I gave an honest answer. That I’ve tried that before and I didn’t get what I hoped for. I’ve wanted things so badly just to end up scarred so badly. I have believed in people just for them to turn around andContinue reading “..and watch the me that I create.”

Something new, something beautiful.

There are days that I want to forget with every cell in me. Then there are others that I want to put on billboards. Not for anyone’s sake. For mine. For my remembrance. That once in my life, a day like this existed. Today is one of those days. Maybe I should christen them asContinue reading “Something new, something beautiful.”