I want life. In all its possible ways.

When I was turning 25, things felt different. I couldn’t place it then, I couldn’t tell what was up, but I knew that life as I knew it, was done. It felt more scary than exciting. As if I was moving from one land to a totally different one that I didn’t know of. ChangeContinue reading “I want life. In all its possible ways.”

May the Ocean Goddess have her way.

Today’s waves were quite strong. That people were chased out of the ocean by lifeguards at some point. Same with the waves in my heart. Anxiety bubbling up. The old is gone. But the new is yet to arrive. A friend commented about the gods I serve. How kind and gracious they are to meContinue reading “May the Ocean Goddess have her way.”

Life is one big uncertainty.

Tonight has been such an emotional night. The kind that seem like a whole year yet its only been a few hours. Weirdly enough, each day like today, for the last 5 years, i’ve been here, on this blog, writing something, when I’m notified that today is our anniversary. There was a time I wantedContinue reading “Life is one big uncertainty.”