Demons. A past. Everyone has those. Those things that maybe only you know, or the world defines you by them, or the things that haunt you, that remind you on the way you are not good enough. Those are the things i’m talking about. Those were my sole purpose of beginning this blog. I haveContinue reading “THE BEGINNING OF THE END”

Is it confidence or pride?

Self praise. Believing in yourself. Arrogance or pride. I think there lies a very thin line in between those three. In the context of , for example saying, “I am a good singer.” Is that confidence, arrogance or just praising yourself? This subject has  actually disturbed my mind for a while now. Something does notContinue reading “Is it confidence or pride?”

Daddy issues

People imagine that daddy issues crop up in the absence of the father only. They don’t understand how someone with a father can have men-related problems. And society adds on to that by encouraging women in bad marriages to stay. Because apparently your children will suffer without a family. That single parenthood is frowned upon,Continue reading “Daddy issues”