It is not your heart that I want

It is not your heart that I want, I know you are another woman’s man, And its not like I don’t care Or  that, that means less to me It’s just that- she can have your heart For it is not your heart that I want You are conflicted about the two of us, WillContinue reading “It is not your heart that I want”

THANDIWE (White replies)….part 2.

Continued from Thandiwe part 1. White stands up “No one wants to feel lost. No one likes knowing that they don’t know what on earth they are doing. Everyone wants to get their shit together. Plus you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes that other people have made. Neither do you want to do thingsContinue reading “THANDIWE (White replies)….part 2.”

THANDIWE.  (Part 1)

“We are all quiet people, so kindly stop the murmuring; I’ll start us off in a word of prayer.”White Thandiwe started off the meeting. “Our heavenly father we come before you on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, saying thank you for keeping Thandiwe whole and healthy. We know it is by your grace and not herContinue reading “THANDIWE.  (Part 1)”