Nairobi National Park

I’m sure you’ve heard the most interesting thing about this park.. Its the only park in the world within a city. Like all around it ,its surrounded by infrastructure of one type or another. Which is a plus for a city because rarely, or rather it has never been done before in the world thatContinue reading “Nairobi National Park”

Language barrier in Rwanda?

In my head I thought Rwandans speak Kiswahili. Then after a small search as I was preparing myself to come, I realised they don’t. They speak English and Kinyarwanda. So I thought ‘no problem, we’ll communicate using English, right?’. Well shock on me.  So I arrived and had a set of around 4 hotels IContinue reading “Language barrier in Rwanda?”

Nairobi to Kigali by Bus

 bridge at Jinja You know the way when travelling through Kenya, the climate changes after every few hundreds of kilometres? Well, here, the scenery is kinda the same from one side to the other. Green and more green. Tens of hills, and more hills. Thousands of banana trees. And lots of trees. This place isContinue reading “Nairobi to Kigali by Bus”

Travelling alone? 

I’ve already booked my ticket. Like 5minutes ago. Now this trip feels real. Like its on man! I feel excited, not like yesterday’s excitement though. Today’s excitement is calm. Very calm. Its almost mother like. Reminding me the things I’m supposed to do and park and prepare.  Today will be spent doing last minute preparations.Continue reading “Travelling alone? “

Young, free and alive. 

As an adult, losing the ability to dream is easy. And regaining it is way harder.  I was reading something on a lady doing Bikozulu’s writing masterclass, and she said something very interesting.  When she retires in a few years time, she wants to start baking. And as of now, she has absolutely no ideaContinue reading “Young, free and alive. “