I always thought me and Him were friends. In our conversations I would try and be sincere as possible. No secrets between us. I would tell him everything. We were friends, so no need to be ashamed of anything. Plus after all he knows everything about me. I’m just doing the formal part. I wouldContinue reading “I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT ME AND HIM WERE FRIENDS.”

Would i take a bullet for myself?

Had you asked me that yesterday or today morning my answer would have been an automatic yes. I mean, it requires no thinking if i can love others unconditionally and with everything i have then how much more so do i love myself? But a walk to nowhere in particular has revealed the opposite. SoContinue reading “Would i take a bullet for myself?”

A high priest of corruption verses the lord of poverty

Ever wondered what goes through our politicians minds when they are busy calling each other names? A high priest of corruption. The lord of poverty. I am always irritated by politicians when they decide to play mind games with kenyans. You can never be sure who is right and who is wrong. After all, allContinue reading “A high priest of corruption verses the lord of poverty”