I wrote this 3 or 4 months ago but never published it. But it goes hand in hand with what our yesterday’s sermon was. So here we go, let’s talk about doing. Just in case you are wondering, the sermon was titled” To do or not to do”. Don’t I love Pastor Steve! Anyway, enjoyContinue reading “DO IT FOR GOD”


The better life

Being a christian and hopefully a staunch one, telling people about God is one of my calling. And at times,I find myself trying to sell God and His salvation to an unbeliever. A while ago or long time ago(depending on your scale of time) , most of this discussion entailed defending God against arguments thatContinue reading “The better life”


Sometimes you read things that make you question life. For example, about Yida camp in South Sudan. Or saladef from Mt.Elgon . Or of raped two year olds. Of the matatu crews assaulting women. Other times you hear things. Like the campus girl who is pregnant but has no idea who is the father amongContinue reading “THESE TIMES”