Why you should visit Amboseli National Park

I had always heard that Amboseli National Park is the one park in this country that one is guaranteed of sporting most animals within an hour. I had always found that fascinating. I mean, each park has its glory but how does this one look to have such excellent praise?  But on the other side,Continue reading “Why you should visit Amboseli National Park”

Kitui Road trip – Ikoo Valley & Nzambani Rock

Coming back from Ngomeni felt surreal. Mwingi and it’s environs really blew my mind away. It’s the kind of place that looks rustic yet self sufficient and stays with you way after you leave it. I talked about our first day here .  So we came back to Mwingi town and looked for a placeContinue reading “Kitui Road trip – Ikoo Valley & Nzambani Rock”

Mwingi, the rockiest town in Kenya?

I grew up thinking that Ukambani was what I knew it to be, dry, no water and a lowland. Until in my adulthood when I got to know that actually a considerable population of Kamba people live in constituencies that have enough rain and they have water all year round.  But my biggest surprise wasContinue reading “Mwingi, the rockiest town in Kenya?”

My Stay at Saltlick Safari Lodge

Visiting this place had always been in my bucket list. Like I knew that one day I would visit this beautiful lodge and experience all it had to offer. I did write of how to get there here.  The first thing that occurred to me when we entered their rooms, was how spacious they were.Continue reading “My Stay at Saltlick Safari Lodge”

Journey to Saltlick Safari Lodge

I wasn’t planning to do a review so soon, but given that so many people have shown interest in what this heavenly place is, we can just get into it when the memories are still fresh. I grew up around Tsavo, and my dad had this habit of taking us out to those lodges insideContinue reading “Journey to Saltlick Safari Lodge”

I want life. In all its possible ways.

When I was turning 25, things felt different. I couldn’t place it then, I couldn’t tell what was up, but I knew that life as I knew it, was done. It felt more scary than exciting. As if I was moving from one land to a totally different one that I didn’t know of. ChangeContinue reading “I want life. In all its possible ways.”

Road trip to Namanga

I think I’m so in love with the place because we just woke up and decided to go somewhere, anywhere, and that ended up being the destination. There is something about impromptu road trips that leaves one light hearted. It’s like a pleasant surprise. So anyway, weirdly enough I don’t think I’ve ever been toContinue reading “Road trip to Namanga”