Bright light to guide me home.

Bright light to guide me home. Another line in one of the songs sang by this human(Haevn). And as I listened to it, I wondered, is there really a bright light to guide me home?

What happens when you find yourself crying because of crying too much? Like how absolutely crazy can life get to get one to that point? Tears heal. But sometimes, especially when they become too much , they form a river that creates ugly gullies in there.

And as I repeated it for the hundredth time, I scrolled through a social media site, and as sure as the universe has my back, the first post has acted as a guiding light. Not necessarily to home, but to at least light the next stair.

And one thing i’ve realized, is that i’m not alone. In going through life in a crazily emotionally intense way. And though humans like me exist far in between, they are there. Feeling lost. Vulnerable. Confused. Raw.

And it may take a while for the light to break out. In between, we make mistakes. Date the wrong people. Put ourselves in not so fitting situations. Etc. In simple terms, in between, life happens.

But one day the light shall break through. No one figures out their life at 24. So I should settle into the confusion, for we are just beginning this chapter of our life.

Bright bright light, bright light to guide me home.


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