Child of the universe

Belonging only to the stars

Only to yourself




You have always been it

Always been a wanderer on earth



Trying to catch a glimpse



Still seeking

For what?

Only your soul knows.

And it knows in a language that you don’t speak

A language only understood by the stars

And water

How it scares you

And exhilarates you

At the same time

Just like love

Freeing, exciting, joyful

But also comes with fear.

Lots of fear.


Maybe today is the day it actually dawns on you,

That this is your fate

To forever seek

In people’s hearts

Their friendship

Their knowledge

Their love

Their attempts to understand you

To know you

In their arms

Their thighs

Their lips

You seek


Maybe when you see the stars again

You shall now understand why they mean so much to you

Ooh yee child of the universe



In this world

With a curiosity that just never ends

Never gets depleted

Its how you throw yourself into new beginnings

New experiences

Its all or nothing

For you,

Only the deep end counts

Its how you’ve waited for a decade to learn how to swim in the deep end

You seek as if seeking is the only thing you came prewired knowing how to do

Then there is the sadness


Because even sojourners get tired

Sometimes they look for shades of tress to rest under

Sometimes they seek for oases

To quench their thirst

Open their maps

Find new routes

Or find the way


Except when there is no home

Except when home

For you

Has always been in the stars of unfamiliar places

In the bossom of seas

On the top of mountains

In lakes

In new countries

In ugly wild animals

In the words of strangers in pages of books

That is home

Oooh yee child of the universe.

And maybe, just maybe,

Today is the day

You let go of the fear

To belong to

No one

To fit into no place

To not have a heart

That you call yours

Or a person that belongs to you

Or a place that feels like home

Because ooh yee child of the universe

Have you ever seen a sojourner with trucks of load?


They carry nothing.

Except that which is in their soul.

And so it is with you


Your soul

Is the only claim you have on earth

And it knows its way home

And even if it doesn’t

The universe,

Just as it has always done

Will guide your way home.

Back into itself.


Always seeking.

Oooh yee child of the universe,

At last you have found your fate.



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