You do it anyway

Go to it sad.

Go to it afraid.

Go to it trembling and unsure.

Shake like a leaf.

Stutter your way through it.

Weak knee yourself through it.

Butterfly-in-your-stomach through it.

Get it wrong the first time.

Try something new the second time.

Grudgingly go through a third route.

They lied.

Dreams aren’t made full of smiles

And hope

And determination

And joy

And results

And laughter in sparkling white lab coats

Some dreams come through mud

Some come through failure

Some come knocking so feebly you barely hear them

Others come with a truckload full of fear

Full of insecurities

Full of anguish

Full of doubt

But you do it anyway


But not defeated


But still pushing

You do it anyway.


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