When all else fails, feed her.

And sometimes, you’ll remember everything else, but forget the most important piece, yourself. And it’ll take you a while to figure that out. A while meaning assignments not done in time, a confused memory, knowing what you are supposed to be doing but lacking the energy to do it.

Till you decide, fuck this shit. If I can’t enjoy anything else, I’ll eat my favorite combination in Nairobi City. And gobbling up that cake as if you haven’t eaten in years, your heart will calm down. Your mind will relax. Your soul will breathe out.

All you needed was to see you. Was to feed you. They say everyone loves a free meal. Seems your soul was waiting for you to take it out too.

And as you wonder how chocolate tastes so good, you’ll appreciate this beautiful soul that is trying to experience a new year differently. And instead of talking it out with yourself as you had expected, you shall find yourself simply seeing.

Seeing her. The you that you had ignored. How beautiful she is. But more likely, how crazy she is. The kind of things that excite her, the small pure joys she gets from little weird things. How her laughter spills over from her heart. How her eyes are such non-poker ones. They take one right into her soul. Maybe that’s why she rarely maintains eye contact.

How she enjoys Diamond’s song. Its such a simple world, that her soul has created.

Yet you had ignored all that. And moved on with life as if you can move an inch without her.

Reaching halfway through the cake, you shall promise to do better. Be better.

But you shall apologize, in case you don’t. Because of how easy it is to assume you are doing alright when you spend all your time with her.

But sometimes, the people closest to us, are the ones we rarely know.

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