A coffee place in Rwanda.

The simplicity of moments. There was this coffee place I found in Rwanda. It had shiny metallic seats that were quite comfortable. But it wasn’t the quiet simple ambience that took me in. It was their sandwich.

I don’t consider myself a foodie, but I can say for sure their fries, sandwich and coffee was the best thing I tasted there. Their fries had a funny shape that gave them a personalized feel to their preparation.

I loved that restaurant so much, that I cancelled my activities for that day to just sit and enjoy the fact that i’m alive and i’m in Rwanda, a dream come true for me.

And as if that moment couldn’t get better, I opened a book that turned out to be magical. I gave up on recommending books to my friends. Because sometimes its personal. No one would understand how that book came in at the right moment in the right place.

The author of that book had the kind of humor that I never knew my soul liked. I laughed as I read that book. Out loud. It wasn’t the kind of book that gives one time to package their laughter before letting it out.

That story was so damn well told!

I have never had such an amazing experience with a book. It was such a simple day that day. I took a late breakfast. Facing a beautiful cathedral ahead of me and across the road were huge trees with colourful flowers. And I read a book that didn’t just give me a story, it gifted me an experience.

And so i’m seated here with birds chirping, and bees nearby since I can hear that buzzing, and all I want, is to redo that experience. That one moment.

I don’t even remember that book that well, or what made it that funny. But I do remember that for the few hours I read it, while eating a simple but delicious meal, was the best moment I had. It was so beautiful that my soul misses it dearly. Just sitting and being, in the best way I could at that moment.

And sometimes, the simplest things in life, are the ones that make the best memories.

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