Matter. Do you matter? Are you important? Is your existence of any importance? Where do you get your importance from? From who? Or from what? 

It doesn’t matter why you are here- what matters is you are here. This statement is the summary of any advice you ever needed. It is the medicine to your sickness. Keep it in mind- it’ll come in handy. But worry not- we’ll repeat it enough times till it sticks. 

It doesn’t matter why you are here- what matters is that you are here. Where is here? On earth. Did you come here accidentally? Worry not- that matters not. Did you find yourself still here after countless misses with death? Still- you are here- that’s the point actually. Are you here and wandering aimlessly wondering what’s the point of it all- again, that doesn’t really count- what does is that you are here. 

The how of how you are still alive right now are not really yours to figure out. The gods can do that perfectly. What is yours to live- is today. You are here now. Living in the why, is living in your past. And that doesn’t really count- not today at least. Or the today of tomorrow. Which brings us to the other meaning of that statement. 

It doesn’t matter why you are here- what matters is that you are here. What’s here? The circumstances you are in. The situation you are in. The state of mind you are in. The point of life you are at. It doesn’t matter how you got here- what matters is that you are here anyway- deal with it. 

You made 10steps ahead in business and it all went down in one day? Let’s build up from here. You got raped and now you are forever wondering why it happened? Well- it did happen, let’s deal with it from there. You met the one you thought was the one and now you are alone? It doesn’t really matter- what matters is that it broke you- meaning you are at a broken place now- can we really deal with that?

Living in the past never really helps our now or tomorrow. Dealing with the fact that our past has brought us here is what opens up the way forward. Admitting that here is not really a good place is a good starting point. We really wouldn’t wish here on our worst enemies but we are here.  If we knew we could have worked hard or made better decisions that would not have led us here. 

But you know what? We are Here now. And that’s what matters. 

It doesn’t matter why we are here-what matters is we are here. What does here mean? Good luck. Things we didn’t work hard for but we have them. People who are so special to us we wonder how God blessed us that much to put them in our lives. The jobs we got just like that. The favours. The coincidences that ended up shaping our lives. The luck. The second chances. 

It doesn’t matter which deity bestowed favor on us, or how the universe settled upon us for that gift- what matters is that we are here. Enjoy it, own it, immerse yourself in it. Live it. Make the best out if it. Squeeze it to the last sweet droplet. Wear it on your sleeves. Forget the self depreciating remarks. Forget the excuses. Forget blaming luck. Just own it. Why? Because its not the why you are here that’s important, its the fact that you are here. 


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