The Defining Decade- MEG JAY

Someone in the group where I got this book asked, what’s the fuss about it? And no one has answered up to now. Its hard describing this book. It talks of so much in such a clear way giving real life examples. There is no single twenty year who can read this book and not relate to almost all the chapters. Hadi at some point I was seeing my friends as I read it. 

Everyone has advice for twentysomething year olds. Do this, invest, save, marry, study, don’t do that, party as if you’ll do tomorrow, love, hook up, make memories, travel, joke around, work, don’t work as much, have lots of sex, do what you want, worship your God with your youth, make lots of friends… In simple terms, the advice for this age bracket is endless, contradictory and can be confusing to say the least.  

But no one ever deals with the Uncertainty that comes with being a twenty something year old. 

And that Uncertainty is what this book is about. The author tackles this fears, questions, doubts that we have head on. Most of us are undecided, do I take this job that I don’t like for the sake of paying bills? I want so much for my life but I don’t know where to start from. Do I postpone getting babies and getting married till my thirties? 

No one deals with the picture we have in mind of how our lives are supposed to turn out. Our lives are like being in the ocean with no land in sight.. Do you swim east west or south? What if you start swimming and later you realise you were going in circles? 

On the other side we have papers but limited experience making the work place a hard place to get into and a  harder place to thrive in. What do you do in such a case? 

This book answers all of that in such a simple manner. The author is speaking from their experience in therapy thus giving real life examples and it also gives you this assurance that they know what they are doing. 

I would highly recommend it to every twenty something year old. Its the kind of books you’ll thank the universe for placing in your hands. 


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