Its hard to describe this book. But if I get the kind of audience it targets, its way easy. Well, technically speaking it targets everyone. 

We all need to heal. All of us. None of us was raised in a perfect home, and if you were raised in a good home then certainly you got a bad environment if our society is anything to go by. And we behave as per our nature and how we are nurtured. You can’t be raised in a corrupt environment and get out of it unscathed. 

But few people get to heal. To heal means to sit down and ask yourself, why do I behave the way I do? Why do some things keep on repeating themselves in my life? Why do I attract these kind of people and friends in my life? Why do all my jobs end the same way? Why are my relationships this way? What am I looking for in life? From life? And from the people I interact with. 

And my God isn’t it a hard process!? Imagine if you grew up understanding that to love or to be loved means to be hurt physically. You saw that with your mother who saw it with her mother. You experienced it from your father who saw it from his father and all his friends. How do you then stop that cycle from continuing to happen in your life? Coz unless otherwise that same pattern will play out in your life. Even after countless prayers and fasts to break that cycle and ancestral curses in your life. Unless your subconscious gets another belief system- even when your mind understands that this isn’t right, your inner person doesn’t. Not even new year goals or discipline will sort it out. 

And that is what this book is about- Healing. The way you have to peel the parts of you that hurt. Heal. Then peel again that different corner and heal. And peel again deeper what you thought you had healed, release the hurt and heal again. Its a whole cycle that brings out a more wholesome you each and every time. It takes years to release things you acquired over a lifetime. But the day you stop growing, you start dying. 

And Iyanla Vanzant captures that so perfectly by telling her story. And I loved how she doesn’t give any advice on what you are supposed to do or not do. She just tells her story. You learn from it. I loved how she didn’t let her spirituality seep into all her words. She’s a deeply spiritual person, but for the first time I’ve read a book from a deeply spiritual person who doesn’t try and influence your own spirituality. She let’s you be. 

In case you are on a healing journey..this gem will be of immense help. It reminds us that we are not alone. 


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