Wow! I have totally enjoyed reading this book.

 You see, the previous books based on Saudi Arabia by women or about women, that i have read, are usually really sad and makes one aghast with the oppression of women there. Most are even written by women in exile from Saudi Arabia who are even wanted by their government. 
But simply put- its a book about love. Or to put it more specifically- the quest of love. The book is based on 4 ladies and their hits and misses with love in a country that forbids love- the romantic kind of love that is. These ladies dare to hope that true love can conquer even cultures and restrictive ways of doing things. 
Its a book that I believe almost all young ladies can relate to. We all know that friend who stayed with a man we didn’t think worthy of her, or the ones who loved with all their hearts just to be left for someone else, or the men that listen to their friends and mothers more than their loves. And if we don’t know people who have undergone such- then it happened to us. 
The book was actually banned in Saudi Arabia. After you finish reading it you’ll be left wondering why on earth, a whole government, that bases itself on a religion of love apparently , would ban a book about love. 
Its very easy to read and captures ones heart from the second page. Its definitely a good read.


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