Two things made me want this book- the word Kabul and women. 
Khaled Hosseini already opened my mind to Afghanistan and he made me want to read more about the lives of the people there amidst  all those chaos. 
And this one is a page turner. Its been long since I read a sentimental book and this book held my heart in its pages from page 1 to the last page. 

The author is definitely a good story teller. She flows so effortlessly. And the story is gripping too. 
Its the kind of book that gives one food for thought indirectly. Like by the story told I found myself thinking about my life and its journey. What I also love about this kind of fiction books from Afghanistan and Africa is the way their characters are so real. As in, there are no supernatural powers associated with them. They are just like you and me. Just in a more volatile environment. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It has made me want to read many more like it. Certainly I will be on the search for more of Deborah Rodriguez books. She’s the kind of a story teller I want exhaust.


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