This one is a roller coaster. That’s the best way to describe it. 

Before I read it, I thought it was written a long time ago. Like over 10 years ago. Reason being that for the longest time ever, I have always heard about it. I heard of it before I heard of Chimamanda. 

Just to read it and realise it is barely a decade old. 
I have loved the African setting. Like from the words used to the songs to the way of story telling. And the author doesn’t bother trying to make it palatable to non africans. Which is a good thing if you ask me. I mean, John Grisham never explains what a jury is in any of his books. 
The first half of the book got me at the edge of my seat wondering what next. Like I just couldn’t help flip the pages. It lost me a bit when we moved from Africa to America. Then we went right back after a few more pages. 
Overall , its a good book, hands down. It makes one face the reality in our society without any sugarcoating or ‘buts’. You know the way Kenyans will name the bad things happening in their country then add a “but we have good runners and good weather..” etc. This book doesn’t give one space to run away. And anyway, it shows you that even running away is futile. 
Its a heavy book though. Don’t read it when you are looking for inspiration or motivation. 
I would rate it at 8/10.


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