Take it to the lord in prayer. 

One of the hard places to be in your life is to be at odds with God. And I’m not talking of an unbeliever, I’m talking of a born again Christian whose walk with God is active. 

When you do everything ‘right’, like you know everything that was in your powers to do, you did it to the best of your ability, but still your situation or circumstance seem to be going in the exact opposite direction of the word ‘right’. You look at the word, check; you obeyed it, you look at the leading of the Holy Spirit; check you obeyed it, you look at you’d faith, check, there is no doubt in sight, then you look at how your life is panning out and everything that could go wrong actually goes wrong. 

What do we do? That’s when no encouragement gets in there. We get angry at God. Disappointed. Frustrated at His apparent inaction. But in most cases we will die first before taking it to Him. Why? We’ve never been taught to question God. We were taught that God is always right, which is true, and He knows best, which is true. So in our heads, its wrong to complain or even air our grievances, with Him. It just seems out of place. I mean, won’t God strike us dead? How dare we? So some leave this God, while the rest of us assume that that episode didn’t happen. 

I remember the first time I aired my grievances with God seriously to God. Last year actually. My relationship with God had been growing tremendously. We were getting used to each other and closer. For the first time in my life I surrendered everything to God. And God on the other side acted like my best friend. I got used to it. So anything God said, I did. He said I jump, I didn’t have time to ask how high, I was already in the air. And things were working out. Quite well actually. I had this good thing going on in me. 

Until when things started going wrong. All of them. At first I thought,” I’m so lucky this time, since I have God by my side, si He’ll just sort me out..kwanza the way we are close nowadays “. So I took my situation to Him. God was there, He ensured I didn’t feel abandoned. But did my circumstances change for the better? Wrong, they became worse. 

And that’s when I started becoming frustrated with God. His word and His presence in me seemed to talk of good tidings. But I was experiencing bad things. I knew that simply because I have God on my side doesn’t insure me against hardships in life. But I also knew that having God on my side meant I had a Savior and Redeemer. Saviour means one who saves, right? So whereas I wasn’t angry at my bad situation ( this are normal in life), I was angry at my God who was seemingly watching it get worse. 

The one thing that took me to take my frustration with God to God was simple; I had no one to take God to. Like I couldn’t report God to anyone else. So here I was, I had put all my trust in God. Entrusted Him with all my pain. And instead I was in worse pain. Why didn’t I walk away? Because I had invested too much in this. My relationship with God was the only right thing I had going on in my life. I wasn’t going to leave it just like that. I mean, where else would I go to? The world? it had played jokes with my life. People? They had made a joke out of my life. So sincerely speaking I had no one else to turn to. And that saw me camp at God’s feet. 

In case you are wondering how that situation turned out, God came and took all glory. It wasn’t an easy path. But we walked it with God. Me complaining on how its not fair to put all your trust in one who let’s your situations go from worse to worst, God being all gentleman and loving me immensely through out my hardships.

 And one thing, I have come to realise, is that God can handle it. He can handle us at our worst. And even more importantly, he can handle your frustrations at Him and with Him. 

Its one thing to doubt, and its another to have unbelief. 

Unbelief is what most unbelievers have, where you don’t trust God exists or you don’t trust whom He says is . Unbelief takes you away from God. Unbelief walks away. 

Doubt, is when what God says in His word, and what is going on in your life, don’t go hand in hand. You thus start wondering whether the problem is on your side, your prayers or on God. 

And you can’t have a healthy relationship with God unless you trust Who he is fully and What he says fully. Then if things go amiss, it won’t be that hard to face Him with your facts at hand and what He said which you believed in but doesn’t seem to be the reality. 

Unbelief asks, “Why would a Good God allow…..”

Doubt asks ”  God, why would you allow…”

You notice one is addressed to God, the other has already given up on God. 

The world of Christians just like other people prefer telling success stories more than failures. Like we would rather talk of God’s blessings and the many things He has done for us, than those things we hoped on God and He didn’t come through for us. Not that testimonies aren’t real or necessary, but life isn’t only majorly made of happiness. We go through stuff, and at times, at the hand of God. 

Don’t go to social media or your friends asking for help, only God can help you. Take it to the Lord in prayer. Trust me, God can handle it. Don’t wait till you are okay to do it, go to God with all your emotions and feelings. He created you, He can handle you. Take to Him His word and your situation. He knows them both. 

And ultimately, go to God as your father. We get angry at our fathers, we sometimes don’t agree with their way of doing things, but we always know that they are smarter than us and love us. God is love. And He loves us. 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 

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