Clusterfuckery. I love that word. It does not exist in the dictionary though, clusterfuck does. It has a good twist to it. Like its a simple but hard word. It reminds me of the English language. It has so many words that according to me, was there a competition of languages with the most words, English would take the gold hands down.

Contrary to my mother tongue. Kamba. It has words that can be used to mean so many things. Having spoken English, switching to Kamba feels like I’m using signs. It takes less time and words to explain a concept or something. But I still prefer English, you can get very specific with it. You have a variety of words that generally mean the same thing but differ in one slight thing. Like complete or finish. Like difficulties and challenges. Kamba and most languages I bet have only one word for the above examples. 

Clusterfuckery. A mess that is so fucked up. Kinda like how the heart feels like at times. But during those times, I wish it was a kamba heart. That way it would have fewer options to describe itself. But I think I have an English heart. Has so many diverse emotions with some 99% related yet the 1%makes such a difference. 

Kinda like when you write something but have absolutely no idea what you have written. 

Randomness in its most pure form. 

Avoid getting yourself in clusterfuck situations now, won’t you?

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