THANDIWE.  (Part 1)

“We are all quiet people, so kindly stop the murmuring; I’ll start us off in a word of prayer.”White Thandiwe started off the meeting.

“Our heavenly father we come before you on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, saying thank you for keeping Thandiwe whole and healthy. We know it is by your grace and not her might. We also appreciate you for giving us to her. Today our prayer is that we all agree. Of late she has been disturbed and stressed. It has been with a lot of concern that I have not noticed her prayers become less honest and less frequent. It is not what we want father. I pray for peace in this meeting. That Blurred Lines Thandiwe and Black Thandiwe will agree to tone down for the sake of peace unlike last time when they decided to have their way and we all know how that went down. I also bring Moderation Thandiwe unto you. Thank you for she agrees with me most of the time. But she leans on all sides on those other times. I pray that she realizes that one cannot serve two masters at the same time. Thank you for Gray Thandiwe. She has been dormant for the longest time ever and her recent talkativeness is confusing Thandiwe. We all know that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. May she realise that even if Thandiwe has the ability to do the things she suggests to her, not all things are good for Thandiwe’s main purpose on earth. That is to be like Christ by the end of the day. Bring reasoning and logic to this meeting. But above that bring the Holy Ghost fire into this place, so that only decisions that are holy get agreed upon by the end of it all. In Jesus Christ name we pray, Amen”. 

“That was a very biased prayer White Thandiwe; you should pray that we all agree here and not that you have your way. We all know that Jesus is the Lord over Thandiwe but that does not mean she lose herself in the process, it does not mean that she does not get to live and explore herself and her world. Actually, you should be praying for,……..”

“Sorry to interrupt you Blurred lines, beside White, we all disagree with parts of her prayers. But if we start this meeting in this disorganized way, we will never achieve the main pupose of this meeting. That is to sort out the recent chaos that is Thandiwe’s mind and heart. She has been feeling just there and we all know that is not good for us all. We need to elect a chairperson for this meeting, I nominate myself.” 

“Seriously, Moderation Thandiwe? You should try some different thing for a while, because you are so goddamn predictable. It’s like you have this handbook that never gets updated. Anyway, I would nominate myself too but I know how none of you likes me, so I second Moderation Thandiwe for chairperson of this meeting.”

“Well, well, well. Aren’t we in a good mood today? Ati Blurred Lines supporting Moderation? Since when did that happen? Is this a new alliance that we don’t know of?  I mean, I used to think that I am the most open to ideas here. But you all have been….”

“ Shut up Gray Thandiwe! I would support anyone provided they have Thandiwe’s interest at heart. We all know that she is not well. And that is because I and you have been suppressed. We want equal rights to Thandiwe like everyone else. But heaven knows I will not support White Thandiwe come rain come sunshine. She is the reason we are here in the first place.”

“Okay ladies, now that it seems besides White no one else is interested in keeping quiet, I will chair the meeting. Today on the 24th March of 2030, Thandiwe’s characters convened a meeting to discuss the wanting state of affairs with Thandiwe. She has lost her sunshine of late. Nowadays nothing excites her, not even the simple things she used to enjoy like watching the sunsets. Her mind can’t concentrate on anything, her heart feels nothing. She is not sad but she isn’t happy either. We want to rejuvenate her spirit again. We all want her to live not just exist. 

Present in this meeting is I, Moderation Thandiwe who is chairing the meeting as usual. White Thandiwe is usually the deputy but the rest of the members had said they will not attend the meeting if she chairs or deputizes me. Therefore, everyone else is a member. The members in attendance are, White Thandiwe, Gray Thandiwe and Blurred lines Thandiwe. Only one member is absent, that is Black Thandiwe who is admitted at the hospital.

We shall start this meeting by finding the cause or the root of the problem.  Blurred Lines shall start us off.”

“Thank you Moderation Thandiwe. I will not mince my words. I think the root of all problems is White Thandiwe and her God. Specifically, how she is handling all this religious issue. Before she convinced us all to give this Jesus a chance, I’ll be the first to admit that we were doing badly. Thandiwe was headed to a bad place. But we all kept quiet and allowed White Thandiwe to invite this savior into Thandiwe’s problems which we previously used to keep to our self. And this guy has helped Thandiwe a lot. Now she has fewer burdens and thus can laugh and love freely.

 The only problem has come in when White now wants to change Thandiwe completely , to be a different person. She is claiming that this savior now wants Thandiwe to do the things he is passionate about and to live for him completely. I would have had no problem with that if it included leaving Thandiwe to also do the things she wants. But now White has been pressuring Thandiwe to follow the things written in the word that he gave her. And we all know that she is trying. But she has overdone it. Yet each time, despite giving it her all, she fells inadequate. As if she should try more. And all that has been at her own expense. 

White Thandiwe is the problem. She has no idea how to take anything in moderation. We all remember how she beat up Black Thandiwe for suggesting that Thandiwe kisses a girl. It was a simple suggestion, but Black is now in hospital recuperating. White needs to tone down a lot. She needs to understand that Thandiwe is also human with different needs, desires, strengths weaknesses, hopes and dreams. And if she continues suppressing them for the sake of following this savior and his word, we are going to have a more serious situation than we do now. Calm down White Thandiwe. Your pace is too fast for Thandiwe. That’s all. Thank you once again chair for that opportunity to air my grievances”

“Thank you Blurred Lines Thandiwe. You all have heard her. Gray Thandiwe, it’s your turn”

“Chair, I second everything that Blurred Lines has said. I add nothing and remove nothing. And even appreciate her for minimalized cursing this times round. Thank you”

“(Everyone laughing) seems people are in a solidarity mood today.” Moderation Thandiwe

“(After the laughter has died down). Anyway, giving my own opinion as a character of Thandiwe, I think Blurred Lines was right. The gospel was right. But it should be followed starting from the heart not the mind as Thandiwe is being led by White in doing. And in moderation too. I’m sure White will also agree with us that Thandiwe is not doing well. Especially for those two weeks that White has been in charge. We need solution ladies, and who better to give it than the source of the problem? 

White Thandiwe, utajitetea namna gani? And while at it give us a solution”



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