3 months before
Celestine, i want to be a lecturer. No, its not that weird as you put it. I have always wanted to teach, but not primary or secondary students. I want people that will be more interested in how things are done, not me telling them what to cram or memorize for the sake of exams. I want to argue intellectually with my students. To push then to widen their horizons of thinking.
Plus, in my village, there is no lecturer. I will be the first. And the salary isn’t so bad. Add the fact that I will have some free time to myself. Lecturers don’t work from 8-5pm every day of their lives.

2 months before
Your mother is so protective of you. Plus she is caring. When you were out, she called your phone. On the third call, I picked it up. She has told you to call her back.
She reminds me of my mum. The strongest woman I know. She raised us with so much discipline yet all that she did with love.
Children in our neighborhood knew that we couldn’t play out for long or get into as much mischief as them. The beatings we would get were the least of the things she would do to us.
She would then ask us what we wanted to be in the future and give examples of the famous people she knows in that position. Then she would go into something like, ” Do you think they played in the mud till late into the night to get to where they are right now?”
She inspired me to work hard.She passed away when I was in form four. I wish she could have stayed just long enough to know that I was among the three students from my school who made it to campus. But I know that wherever she is, she is proud of me.
Unlike the wife dad has married. Were it not for God, that woman would ensure my father does not even pay my school fees.

1 month before
Hello sweetheart,
Celestine is asleep. Really? Stop being silly. She did not visit anyone, plus I think she is too innocent for such kind of play. She is just taking a nap.
We woke up early to go to church today, so if you had not called, I would also be asleep.
How are you?
Why didn’t you go to church today? I thought we agreed that you would at least try being a Christian. I mean, it would be good if both of us in this relationship were Christians. Okay, remember that you have promised then.

I wanted to speak to you about that actually. Umm…I’ve not been feeling okay about us.
You know,the way our relationship is going…
No, no there is no problem actually.
Its just that, you know I’m a Christian, and as such some things are not right before God.
My spirit keeps haunting me..as in I’m just not okay with it.
Hapana, sidanganywi na hawa wavulana wa campus.
Just listen to me, okay, okay, sawa, I get it that you need it.
But could we use protectives at least? Really? Yeah, we had talked about them and you told me zinakufinya and that you don’t feel comfortable. You wouldn’t reconsider at all? We try different ones?
Hapana babe, how many times have I assured  you that you are the only one?

Celestine, do you think God forgives those who abort? What about the effect on those girls? I’ve just read on the internet that they are haunted forever. Ati at times they dream with crying babies all around them. Do they forgive themselves? Si that’s like killing a human being, right? But what if you get that child and your parents disown you?
Ati God will provide? But that makes sense, after all He provides for the street children. Have you ever wondered how come most of those street families have children who are fat? As in not obese but if you washed them and clothed them in better clothes, they would easily blend in anywhere with other kids.
God provides for His own anyway. The same God as you have said, also forgives His own flock any sin they commit, including aborting a baby.

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