You yearn for me. I can see it in the way you look at the two of them. I can hear it when you speak to people. I can feel it in how your heart beats when you think of possesing me. I remember there was a time when you hated me so much. But now, you desire me. Is it because its been an year since someone hugged you that way? But knowing you, you are never lonely, just alone. So what cracked? What made you come calling? Is it the much adulting that has been happening to you of late? And since when did you allow yourself to feel so deeply about me? You never cared. You have changed sweetheart. I know it from the fact that you are wondering when you’ll ever possess me. Truth is, you might never find me. But for the fact that you yearn for me,even if its just for this moment, you are not just existing but fully alive. Otherwise I send my regards..
True love.