Deep down you know…


There is this fellowship that my church hosts every Wednesday evening. Its actually a bible study. For sometime now,I have been inviting my roommates to accompany me to no avail. So as I was coming back from this week’s bible study,they were sort of surprised that I invited a classmate of mine and he came. “Ulim-invite tu venye unatuambianga hapa?” Of course I had used the same words and method of inviting. But the discussion we had after that is what has stuck in my mind and has led to today’s piece.
“You know if you go to hell, you will not say you were not told”. Think about that statement. What does it bring to your mind? Arrogance, judgement ? Or just a believer looking for another? Obviously whoever I was telling that statement did not take it kindly. And they said ” As if you know you are going to heaven”
I have thought about my statement for while,trying to figure out if it was wise to put it that way or if I was supposed to maybe find other words to mean the same thing. The bible implores me to be gentle. But am also supposed to be honest. And if you know me, I rarely sugarcoat things. I meant that statement in its wholeness. I would hate to be in heaven without my friends. What would I tell God? What excuse would I give Him? That we were too busy making jokes that talking about God didn’t seem cool? That I assumed since one goes to church,I’ll automatically find them in heaven? But should I have sugarcoated it? What should I have said instead? What are your thoughts?
Going on to the second statement, if I’m sure I’ll go to heaven. I remember there is this CU we went in high school, and the patron decided to ask those who are sure they are going to heaven to stand up. Only one person stood. Like out of the over 200 of us only one stood. And he went on to say that those who are going to heaven know. Like deep down in your heart, you know your position. Because you can lie to the world, but you cannot lie to yourself,God or Satan. A lot of us in that chapel,that day were born again(remember it was an optional Christian Union). Personally, the reason I did not stand , was that I had no idea whether I’m going to heaven or hell. Like yes,I was saved but at that point I didn’t know whether that is enough to take me to heaven or not. Right now I know where I am going. And I can agree with that patron that, deep down in your heart, everyone knows where they are going.
Heaven or hell is not like the jackpot or lottery, where you play, but you are not sure whether you will win. Paul describes it as a race, you can not be in a race yet you are not in a race. You could be just standing in your lane, or crawling, or jogging, or even sitted. But point is you are either there or not. Jesus described it as a kingdom. When you accept him,you become a citizen of God’s kingdom. That is why sometimes Christians call themselves travelers on earth or sojourners on earth. Now it is either you are a citizen or not. Some are unruly citizens others exemplary citizens but point is ,you are either of the world or not.
Personally I have a long way to go. In my thinking,behaviour, habits,how I speak. I am still a babe spiritually. The more I know about God,the more I realise I don’t know. The further up I move, the longer the journey seems. But i’m getting there. And I get comforted that this journey is eternal. God will complete the work He started in me.
On another note, I’ve been really excited about meeting Abraham. Like all those times I thought about heaven, it never fully hit me that I would be meeting the guy. Like for real for real. I never conceptualized it fully in my head. I have learnt a lot from David, but something about this guy who almost sacrificed his son intrigues me. I mean that was a leap of faith.
Speaking of leaps of faith, I’ve been thinking about God sacrifing His son for a while. For the longest time ever, I have never understood how He could give His son for me not knowing whether Mercy will accept him or not 2000yrs down the line. What guarantee did He have that anyone would accept His son? Until it hit me, that, that was an act of faith on God’s part. He had absolutely no guarantee that humans would accept salvation. Learning from the Israelites journey, even the disciples of Jesus after his death could have as well decided to walk away. Like God decided to do this for us out of love. Whether you accept that love is entirely upon you. No wonder the bible says that there is no greater love than this, that Jesus laid down his life for us while we were still sinners.
Have a blessed week ahead!


  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Mercy! The article is thrilling and has left me thoughtful. One thing is clear though,I am in the race.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wanyika says:

    This got me thinking…Am i being hard on myself in my spiritual life or just compromising ….but,the race is on thank God im not competing with anyone😊

    Liked by 1 person

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