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Being a christian and hopefully a staunch one, telling people about God is one of my calling. And at times,I find myself trying to sell God and His salvation to an unbeliever. A while ago or long time ago(depending on your scale of time) , most of this discussion entailed defending God against arguments that most of the things in the old testament are untrue historically or such kind of things. I would try to let them see that God exists while they would focus on why evil exists if my God is truly there. And on and on we would go on.
However,as I am maturing spiritually, I am realizing that Jesus saving us is just the tip of the iceberg. Accepting or refusing Jesus Christ will determine where one spends eternity.This has always been our focus point. With Christians trying to tell everyone that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. And the unbelievers claiming there is no heaven or earth. While the above is true,I have come to realize that it is only the beginning of the story. It is the crucial one percent because it determines where you’ll spend eternity forever and even how your life on earth will be.
Now,what you do with that Christ is the determinant of how you will spend your eternity. When I was young, we used to be told that when we get to heaven,some christians will be given crowns made of gold while others made of thorns. The story went on to say that some will live in mud thatched houses while others in mansions. I grew up and forgot all about that, just to encounter it in my spiritual journey. Every choice you make as a believer has a direct impact on the kind of a reward you will get in heaven. Jesus insisted that we put our treasures in heaven. He was talking about putting an investment in a place you don’t see right now but many years later you will get it again. Now we all know person A can not invest 1million shillings in a trust fund and person B invests Ksh 10,000 and then they get the same amount of money by the end of let’s say 10years. Person A will definitely be better off. Same thing in the Christian world.
And from my observation,here is where most of us Christians go wrong. You find that people are born again, which means they are going to heaven, but how they live their lives shows no difference between them and an unbeliever. This simply means that they received Christ but are not utilizing Him. That their hearts and minds are of the earth still. Growth. Growth. I guess many assume that for as long as you are praying once in a while and you go to church,then you are good to go. They couldn’t be more wrong. Every christian is required to grow spiritually. And that does not come automatically,you look for it intentionally. The same way you go to school and work hard. Sometime you fail but by the end of the day,you know more and are hopefully a better person. Looking into Jesus’ ministry on earth, for almost three years he spent his time telling people how to live right with God and with man. Three whole years. Why didn’t he just come,ask people to get born again then go back? Because the quality of your life matters. Because you will carry your character to heaven. Because there is a compulsory investment account in heaven that you are supposed to be banking in. That will determine how your eternity will be. Like forever, years that never end.
The only problem comes when Christians confuse spiritual growth with earning your salvation. You can never earn it. It is free. And the moment you say “I DO” to God, it is finished. Nothing you do will take it away. Nothing you do will make you deserve it. Spiritual growth is you reading the word of God,meditating upon it and then allowing God to use it to transform you. It is a never ending process. Processes are never easy. It will get hard. Tests will come the same way they came to Jesus. You will fail others while passing others. Slowly by slowly till you die,this process shall be taking place. Life will happen. Still the potter who made you shall use your life experiences to mold you. But it never happens just like that. You have to take the pieces to Him. This is when you realize that the relationship between you and God is two way. You seek Him, He becomes available. He also speaks to you,you should be available too to hear and do.
Nowadays I have no idea on what to argue with people. God existing is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether Israelites were ever in Egypt is a discussion that interests me not anymore. How do I explain to you the peace that surpasses human understanding? How do I make you understand that relief you feel after taking it all to God? Or the confidence of knowing that you are on God’s side even when the reality right now begs to differ? Or the warmth of knowing that you have a friend within you 24/7 who can do anything for you?
The quality of life we live on earth totally changes when you start growing spiritually. Circumstances may be the same as in previous years but how you perceive everything changes. I feel bad when I see Christians just being there. Like living their lives as if there is nothing happening inside there. I wish I could find words to describe to those missing out on their unique journeys what they are missing. Everyone’s journey is different. But we share the same father. Who yearns for us to enjoy him every step of our lives. And yes,there are canes and some strokes when you go out of the way. One of my most interesting verses is one in psalms where God says He will comfort us with a staff and a rod. Does a staff and rod bring the idea of comfort in your head? He does all that in love. Don’t be a passive Christian going through the motions of life. Engage God. Be active.
A lot of people want the good life. Money,a house, cars, your children to go to the best schools,to live in the best neighborhood, to be famous and to leave a legacy behind. Me, I want peace in times of sorrow and happiness. I want rest. I want contentment. I do not want a good life..I want the better life..

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  1. kambua says:

    couldn’t be better said

    n the finishing is full of insight …..that’s what I yearn for,peace,contentment and service to humanity

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