Yesterday a time like this, found me full of butterflies in my stomach. In less than 24hrs, I was going to be hairless. I combed my hair and took its last pictures. But I was anxious. I suspected I would look like a man after shaving. A handsome woman. And so I decided to draw some damage control plan. I would go to town and shop for a good ‘feminine’ cap and some light long scarfs for making head wraps.
Today at around 12.30 found me in town looking for suitable head wrap scarfs. Nothing seemed to please my eyes. And mark you, I have no idea on how to tie those things. But a girl gotta do what she has to do for survival. An hour down the line,I had bought one black scarf and I did not seem to be making progress in that sector. So I decided to just go ahead and shave, I’ll look for things to hide my hairless head in later.
Eddy’s barbershop and spa. That was the place I decided to end a 16yr old relationship in. It was in whose mirrors I decided to see my hairless head in. The place came highly recommended in regards to its reviews(I read those things). Plus they answered fast when I sent them enquiries. The price was also slightly below what I use per month for my hair,so considering this is a once in a lifetime event(hopefully), I did not mind spending a lot on my hair(no pun intended). Or maybe I was trying to over compesante for chopping it off.
So I alight at Roosters. I ask for directions from a motorcycle man but he has never heard of the place. So  I turn on my gps and Google map and find myself there after ten minutes(just as had been communicated). The place looks exactly like in their Facebook photos. Somebody must have seriously decided to invest in a barber shop. It feels like home.
I wait. There are two clients before me so I sit and wait for my turn. As I wait, I try using my phone as a distraction but that doesn’t work. The thought keeps coming back. “You know Mercy you don’t have to do this. You can just walk out before its too late.” At the background Justin beiber is asking whether its too late to say sorry. Followed by some guy reminding me that I only miss the sun when its snow time. Its like the devil is on the decks trying to discourage my move(who else can I put blame on but the devil?). Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m the kind of decision makers who can rarely go back against their earlier planned decisions. Maybe that’s why some people call me stubborn.
Finally. Its my turn. My barber(yes, from now on I have a barber) first of all thinks I’m lost. I should be in the spa, not trying to seat at his place of work. The questioning does not stop there. He removes my hairband and asks if this is what I truly want. I say yes. He asks how much he should cut. I say all of it. He thinks I’m joking, so he takes some scissors and cuts it into half. I ask him to continue. And this asking and answering goes on and on for the rest of my ‘shaving’. But he is fun. Some lady who had been seated at the reception with me keeps on asking me if its painful to bring all that beautiful hair down. Tears threaten to appear. Luckily my barber starts making fun of sponsors and drunkards. So I laugh the whole time instead of crying. I want a picture. But I decide not to take one for after all,si I am a walking scene of crime?
And as more and more hair falls from my head, a different Mercy evolves. She looks different for lack of a better word. If beauty was the hairful Mercy, then this one is not beautiful. She looks and feels…new. That is all I can think of as I stare at myself in the mirror. I came here for a new beginning, and God must be on my side for I love this new me. I had even carried a scarf (borrowed from my mum) so as to hide under immediately after shaving. But looking at myself, I know its of no use. I’ll walk around this way. There is some confidence I feel that was not there before. The massage after the shaving makes the price I’m paying for this shave worthwhile.  I have been well treated.
Looking back, I don’t know what I was so anxious about. I now have a barber. I was not planning on shaving again,but I kinda feel myself falling in love with the hairless me. I now know that when all odds are against her, Mercy will still stick it out to the end.
I know all my friends will be shocked. I did not tell anyone I was shaving today. It was just too personal. I have entered into naivas and some approximately ten year old girl couldn’t stop staring at me. I mean,is it that bad?
But nevertheless,I have learnt to always do me. Finally hairless.


  1. kambua says:

    Oh noooooo


  2. Roomie says:

    To new beginnings🍷

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