Tales from the village


Are witches still there? I stopped visiting home around ten years ago, after our neighbor was found trying to bewitch us. I had left the house to go visit my agemate some few homesteads away. We had not seen each other for a while so we talked till it was very late and even decided that I would sleep over. The only problem was that I had left my house open. My friend went to close it for me knowing that if I went ,I would go back on my word and sleep at my own house. On arrival he found a naked woman making rounds all over our compound. On closer inspection, he found that it was our immediate neighbor. The woman who borrows salt from us while we borrow a jembe. The best friend to my mother. You can imagine the shock. It was advisable that I do not return to that village any time soon.
What a small world. It is quite a pleasure to know that we hail from the same village. I admit, that I do not know a lot of people from back home since I did not study there and neither do I frequent the place. Do you farm back home? Yes, very true the rains have become very unsustainable of late. But I hope this business sustains you and your family. I have heard of your husband from my friend Sammy. We are very close to Sammy considering we grew up together and even went to the same secondary schools while being from the same village. He was even my best man during my wedding. It’s quit a pleasure to realize that we even share a close friend. Haiya, that’s a good school that both your daughter and his daughter are in. If they work hard,they will pass.
Today i had come to drop my wife in the nearby newly opened university. And from my observation, your part of lower eastern does not take education very seriously.Hapana,sikuwaonea (I’m not being unfair). For example in this university, over 80% of the students are from the upper eastern and even majority of the lecturers. But at least your daughters are taking education seriously.
Last month we had a fundraising for our former house help to go to the university. Why do you look so shocked? No, we did not educate her through high school. When she first came to our house, she had finished high school but had not managed to get her certificates from school due to fee arrears. So after a discussion with her and my wife,we decided to save part of her salary to go into that. And you can imagine our surprise when after picking her certificate, we discovered that she had scored a B+. Yet she had never told us for that whole year she had lived with us. She was very diligent in her work and our kids loved her immensely. So we thought, between my wife and I, that it would be bringing upon ourselves a curse if we didn’t help that girl. So we educated her through a diploma. Though at the time she was still staying with us. She wanted to further her studies and that is how the fundraising came up. Yes, the event well. Or rather we got enough to start her up. You know, what God has said will happen will still happen regardless of  many hurdles are on the way.

No, I don’t usually drop my wife every weekend. It’s just that my car had a problem and your town has better mechanics. So i decided to walk around as it is being repaired. Oooh, no, you must have misunderstood me. She is not a student, she is a part time lecturer. She lectures here part time. On week days she lectures in another college in Machakos and recently she got a contract with African Nazarene. Me, I’m a primary school teacher.

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