This book got me thinking a lot. When I began reading it I thought she would give me a formula about hearing from God. In her books, she constantly says “God said to me, God directed me to do ab cd, etc”. And so I always wished that my relationship with God would be that awesome to the extent that He would speak to me that constantly while on the other side I assumed He spoke to her that much because she is a preacher.
What I did not know is that hearing from God first of all does not require formula. Two, God speaks to us in many simple varying ways. How God speaks to you is different from how He speaks to Joyce Meyer. But that does not mean that any way is less or more powerful than any other. God is very much interested in speaking to us and longs for us to have fellowship with him daily.

From where I have reached (in reading the book), I have learnt, rather my eyes have been opened to the ways God speaks to us. Some of them I have experienced but I did not classify it as having heard from God.

Inner peace. God speaks to us by giving us an inner peace about doing something or acquiring something. For example, a while ago i was in a dilemma about something very important in my life. I was 50% into committing myself into it and 50% into not committing myself into it. This went on for almost two months. And since the decision concerned other people besides me, I had to make a decision once and for all. Logic and reason dictated that I commit myself to it. But I had peace about not committing myself to it. After a really big struggle I finally chose to not commit myself to it for the sake of following my heart. No one understood why I chose that path, nor can I even explain it. But thinking of it God showed me the path that I was to take through giving me peace that surpasses human logic and reason.

It is not possible to have inner spiritual peace about a wrong decision. This is why it is not advisable to go on with something that your inner self is in turmoil about.

Heart’s desires. God can place things he wants us to have or do as desires in our hearts. Have you ever been thinking about getting yourself something and while in that mood somebody else gets you that exact thing without you requesting for it? That means that God had made you ready to receive whatever it is He was giving you. Sometimes you can desire something without knowing why on earth you want that specific thing. For example there was a time I felt the desire to read one of the books that I had. I had read it a long time ago and left it at around the middle chapters. Upon reading it i realized that the next chapter concerned something that the Lord had put in my spirit the previous day. However I had not thought much of it until when I read that chapter. It confirmed to me that God wanted me to take seriously what it was that He was teaching me at that point.

Another way God speaks to us is through an inner urge or prompting. When God wants you to do something, you may feel an urge out of nowhere to do that specific thing. There are many carnal urges that we humans have but to know that it is truly from God then it has to be accompanied by God’s peace. The spirit might keep on prompting you to it time after time until you get around to it.

She has mentioned many ways that God speaks to us but I will only share the above. The above few ways through which God speaks to us has made me realise that He speaks to us in very simple recognizable ways. It does not have to be through prophetic dreams or visions or a voice from the heavens.

However, I have noticed that one needs to be in tune with their inner self to hear from God or to even know that he has spoken to you. Personally, there are many times when my inner house is in chaos. And this is actually a devil’s device for when you have no inner peace then it is obviously difficult to hear God’s still voice in all that noise. This then means that we have to constantly work at ensuring that we have God’s peace in us at all times. As the bible says seek peace and pursue it. This will ensure that you do not miss to hear from God.


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