I do not like crowd mentalities. Give me a thinking supported by many and I will show you some flaw in it. Which is part of the reason why I do not follow fashion, I hate sporting someone else with the exact same type of dress that I have worn. Neither do I subscribe to generalizations of people or stereotypes. I find them too simplistic and a lazy way of describing people one does not understand nor care to.
And I’m sure I’m not the only one who does not like to follow the crowd. We are many. But even standing out has its own formula. I mean, if everyone stands out then they become the crowd and the few remaining now become the group that has stood out, right?
This year’s valentines got me thinking about everyone wanting to be different. Almost everyone I encountered either on social media or in the church had the same message. It went like this,” As you remember those human beings you love, remember the God who loves you unconditionally that he even gave his son to die for you”.
Now I have no problem with the above message. Actually, I agree with it. What I have a problem with, is the timing. Why on earth would everyone feel the need to remind people to praise God on that day that they have set aside to celebrate each other? Even the second greatest commandment in the bible is about loving your neighbor.
Why did most people find it hard to accept that the day is all about loving your other half if you have any? What is so disturbing about that, which made people run away from such a simple celebration of love just to meet at a central point? Or is it that they think that by celebrating each other we forget God? Do not they realize that by celebrating love for each other we please our heavenly father who happens to be love and full of love?
But what is even more surprising is that this same people redirecting people away from valentines are the same people who on Christmas were sending a different message. On the day we were supposed to be celebrating the God who loved us so much that He gave his only son, they were redirecting people to love each other and enjoy each others presence. Everyone was encouraging people to not focus on feasting so much that they forget to connect with families and show some love to the underprivileged. And now the day of connecting with each other comes, and they shift the focus again.
What on earth is so hard about accepting seasons and living them to the fullest? The same bible those redirecting us to God’s love on valentines are using, tells us that there is a season for everything under the sun. Instead of fighting each season that comes, people should try and make the most out of it. Now imagine how weird a farmer who planted during harvest time would be? You and I know truly well that the farmer would get no harvest. Now that is how weird those always redirecting people from the topic of the day always come out as. And when it stops being just a few of the population but a majority then an underlying problem exists.
Everyone is fighting too hard to stand out that it even becomes cliche to do so.



  1. Nancy Oyula says:

    Stereotypes and generalizations… I hate that too


  2. Wangio Wanyika says:

    Hahaa i hate some…Others are just funny!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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